About Us

Leading the next step beyond observability tools and infrastructure management. With Opster, you get the full solution for your search operation providing every element needed to manage your data.

How it Started

We know from firsthand experience that monitoring and infrastructure management just aren’t enough. To successfully manage your operations, you need to act on whatever the observability tools have shown and configure your own data structure according to your personal requirements. You also need to avoid latency, prevent incidents, improve performance and more.

Opster was built to serve the needs of thousands of DevOps and Engineers and cover every aspect needed to successfully run search operations.

How it's Going

In late 2023, the Opster team joined the Elastic family. We’ve found a group of people who are just as passionate as we are about operations and observability, and making sure systems run to their full potential.

We are integrating Opster products into Elastic and have exciting enchantments and capabilities up ahead!